The boat looked like the lochness monster with the head of a woman.
The Enchanted Boat

The Enchanted boat with...

The baby was wrapped in blue glittery cloth
baby Luntian

and was bundled in green banket inside a decorated cloth cradle.
In her cradle

With her was red quilt made of silk tied up with a green ribbon.
Baby Lun in the enchanted boat.
See this large, here.
The cradle
The quilt for baby Lun

More about the story as I complete work on the characters and props.



New baby Lun…

After I made the first baby Lun, I realized it was too large and I needed to make a smaller one. That too turned out to be too big for the Enchanted boat. So I ordered a some small silicon clay shapers from MoreZmore and made another baby Lun.
New born baby Lun...

Here’s baby Lun number two and the newborn baby Lun (number 3)…
The two baby Lun after painting

I’m currently making the clothes for the new born one and the quilt that will line the box that baby Lun will be nestled in.

I’ll be back with more photos soon.


Two baby Lun…

I’ve been working on making a baby Luntian. Here’s the results of that…
What's on my table today, 24 Jan 2012.
See this large, here.

Wasn’t very happy with the first one so I made a new one last night and finished it today…
WIP: Baby Lun

Next up, painting.

Off to bed I go. Good gosh, its 5 AM! Good morning.


That’s what we call our little flat by the woods.

I finished the “enchanted Boat” last weekend. Here’s what it looks like with the feet painted…
Enchanted boat...
See it large, here.

Here’s what my table looked like early this week…
What's on my desk today...

Today, as soon as I’m done with this post and cooking dinner, I’ll be painting baby Lun.
WIP: Baby Lun
See this large, here.

So I’m off to do all that.


This is what I’ve been working on during the first days of the new year.
WIP: the enchanted boat...
See it large, here.
John found the gourd one fall day and its been sitting on my sewing table since. I knew it was going to something important but I didn’t know what it was going to be. So there it sat until about 2 weeks ago.

I knew baby Luntian is an orphan baby early on in the story but I didn’t have the details yet of how she was to arrive in the life of her adoptive parents. As I was muling this over, I decided to work on the gourd and as I went along, it came into shape along with the story.

Baby Lun is to be brought from the banks of the Forest of Trees to the banks of the green river where her gypsy nana will find her.

I’m finishing up the boat this week and will write more about that part of the story when I post more photos. Stay tuned in.


A new beginning!

Welcome to Story doll™.

Everything is still a work in progress but I’m happy to finally start sharing more of what I’ve been working on since last year.

I wrote in my blog about my decision to stop making cloth creatures due to hand pain issues and proceeded to switch to clay.

I’ve posted WIP photos of my progress…
My first poly-clay doll
More WIPs
More characters…
The Faith Box

I’ve been holding off on sharing the full story about it all because I’ve been doing research on the right clay paint, web design, and learning things I need to learn. After spending months on all that, I realized that I will never be done with research and learning new things so I might as get started with unveiling my mystery project…

mystery project...

Here’s the working mastheads I’ve made so far…
My msytery project
Choice A

My mystery project...
Choice B

mystery project
Choice C

Everything is a work in progress at this point. Here’s hoping I’ll be finished with the major CI work by the first day of the new year, and so it is!


In process…

Its been a while since I posted. I never thought it’d be this difficult not to talk about what I’m working on. I decided it best to keep everything under wraps until its all done.

Been waiting for stuff I need to keep going on my mystery project so to help shorten what seems to be along wait, I hankered down to read Keith Lobue’s e-book…

Beutiful Necessity
Find it here.

These kept me occupied and inspired, too…
Dusty Diablos:  Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!
Invigorating. Find it, here.

Puppet Palooza
Find it here.

Now off to make more leaf flowerbed…
Leaf Flowerbed™ batch 4
See this large, here.