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I finished grandpa bird’s clothes tonight. Meet Mr. Henry Woodrow…

More photos soon.



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I’ve been busy with errands and health issues of late but I was able to do some more work on the gourd birdhouse yesterday. Here’s some WIP photos…

Fireflies and pipe.

Costume, lighting & wiring, flooring, fireplace, roofing, next. Meanwhile, here’s the another WIP I worked on yesterday as well…

Stay tuned for more photos.


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This is what I’ve been working on during the first days of the new year.
WIP: the enchanted boat...
See it large, here.
John found the gourd one fall day and its been sitting on my sewing table since. I knew it was going to something important but I didn’t know what it was going to be. So there it sat until about 2 weeks ago.

I knew baby Luntian is an orphan baby early on in the story but I didn’t have the details yet of how she was to arrive in the life of her adoptive parents. As I was muling this over, I decided to work on the gourd and as I went along, it came into shape along with the story.

Baby Lun is to be brought from the banks of the Forest of Trees to the banks of the green river where her gypsy nana will find her.

I’m finishing up the boat this week and will write more about that part of the story when I post more photos. Stay tuned in.


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Welcome to Story doll™.

Everything is still a work in progress but I’m happy to finally start sharing more of what I’ve been working on since last year.

I wrote in my blog about my decision to stop making cloth creatures due to hand pain issues and proceeded to switch to clay.

I’ve posted WIP photos of my progress…
My first poly-clay doll
More WIPs
More characters…
The Faith Box

I’ve been holding off on sharing the full story about it all because I’ve been doing research on the right clay paint, web design, and learning things I need to learn. After spending months on all that, I realized that I will never be done with research and learning new things so I might as get started with unveiling my mystery project…

mystery project...

Here’s the working mastheads I’ve made so far…
My msytery project
Choice A

My mystery project...
Choice B

mystery project
Choice C

Everything is a work in progress at this point. Here’s hoping I’ll be finished with the major CI work by the first day of the new year, and so it is!


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I’ve been working on this creature for quite a while now. As a result I’ve learned some new things.

Habagat's Beak
Made the beak from polyclay. Its my first time to use PC. I love it! See this large, here.

Had a time working out the wing structure. Still figuring this one out but here’s what it looks like with feathers…
WIP: Habagat's wing with feathers
See it large, here.

Here’s what’s underneath the feathers…
WIP: Habagat's wings...
See it large, here.

My little caretaker loves her new charge, and as usual, wants to take him out on a ride to the yoghurt place at the corner. 🙂
Can we go to the park?

Have a look at the Easter Eve fireworks, here.

Have a blessed, peaceful and happy Easter, everyone!


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Finally attached Habagat’s legs…
Habagat On His Feet
See it large, here.

Next, face details: upper lid, beak, plumage. Wings, saddle and bridle, too.

Going to bed.


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I’ve been working on a hippogriff for the past several days now. I’ve named it Habagat. Here’s some of the WIP photos…

Working On Habagat
See it large, here.

He looks sad without his legs.
See it large, here.

WIP: Habagat's legs
See it large here.

Here’s the front leg…
WIP: Habagat's front leg

Its taking me longer than I’d like. I need to rest my eyes and hands every other day. The turning out and the stuffing are the most painful for my hands and fingers. Its not so much the beading of the parts, because I have leather thimbles for my working fingers. Its the force it requires to turn out such small parts and stuffing them while the armature is already inside. It doesn’t help that I have CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). I do better when I rest my eyes and hands but it takes me longer to finish projects this way. I’m just really thankful that my clients are willing to wait for their creatures to be finished. Thanks, Joan, for your patience in waiting for Habagat.

More photos later.

Going to bed now.


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