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Pardon the radio silence, again. There’d been a lot of major changes in my life these past few months.

My divorce went final in April, I switched employers thrice, I was approved to rent a studio/ gallery space at the 2110 Gallery in downtown Sacramento, I was laid off on Halloween, the gallery will have new management by December 1st. Whew!

I found my creative voice again after months of not having time or the place to work on my art again. Having a creative space has helped a lot. I feel like I’ve made more progress since Halloween because I have more time in the studio. Meanwhile I want to share the photos of my dolls in their gallery setting…

Ravena & Billy
To the left is Ravena, a character in the developing story arch from THE TREES OF KNOWING. To the right is Billy Boyd, the first in my Urban Faery series.

Here’s Ravena with her lights on…
Here she is with the red lights behind her.

The Trees of Knowing gang
Here’s the Trees of Knowing gang, a little worse for wear.

I’m currently working on another urban faery and a shrine that’s part of the Trees of Knowing story. The story has started to come together 3 nights ago. I had some sketches of paintings that started as a visual record of dreams I had. They turned out to be part of the story.

Working at frantic pace to make the colored studies for the story and at finding a new job and another place to live.

I also managed to finish these ancestor mice for my niece. A very belated birthday and early christmas present.
Mice 4 Gracie

Do pray for me. I could really use it. My spirits are high but I’m still twitching in winds of uncertainty.



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I’ve been left with the bigger version of baby Lun…
WIP: Baby Lun

and didn’t know what to do with it until I found this

at Jessica’s Jewel Box and thought it’d make the best bed for her…
Peaceful SlumberPeaceful SlumberPeaceful Slumber

I plan to tweak the wing holder with paint. I’ll upload photos as soon as its done.


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The boat looked like the lochness monster with the head of a woman.
The Enchanted Boat

The Enchanted boat with...

The baby was wrapped in blue glittery cloth
baby Luntian

and was bundled in green banket inside a decorated cloth cradle.
In her cradle

With her was red quilt made of silk tied up with a green ribbon.
Baby Lun in the enchanted boat.
See this large, here.
The cradle
The quilt for baby Lun

More about the story as I complete work on the characters and props.


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Yellow sunrise, that’s the name of the color that I painted my formerly black sewing table with…
Its finished!

Have a closer look…
Details: newly painted sewing table
See this large, here. I used this yellow on cream vintage wall paper I found at a yard sale late last summer.

Now my sewing station look so much brighter and filled with creative energy!
Brighter sewing station.
See this large, here.

Far cry from its former dim state…
WIP: Sewing station

Here’s the WIP photos…
WIP: Sewing table
See this large, here.

What a break that was. Exhilirating! Michael De Meng is right when he wrote, “You don’t have to make art to be making art.”

Next, my drawing/ sculpting table! Ha-haaaa!


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Magiting's Armor
Magiting is the Filipino word for valor. Its a griffin commissioned by Lore Knutson. It is also the last cloth creature that I am making.

Here he is ready for a test flight with my little Egg as the pilot.

Now that its finished, I’m spending the next weeks doing face up of some resin doll parts and dolls to rest my aching wrists. Then its on to paper clay and polyclay doll and creature projects. Yay!

CTS and tendonitis is not fun but switching to clay is so much fun so its all good.

Meanwhile, off to bed I go.


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I didn’t realize I haven’t posted since September.  I’ve been busy nesting and getting settled in.  I didn’t know it would take this long.

Anyway, I’ve spawned new creatures since then.  Have a look…

Delilah in full regalia
Delilah, the warrior.
See it large, here.

See it large, here.

Current, WIP: Griffin.  Magiting is the Filipino word for brave, courageous and great.

More photos soon.


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I finished Habagat’s chair saddle tonight…
Habagat's howdah
Habagat's howdah
Habagat's howdah

I also made a frame to prop up his wings wide open…
Habagat's wings' frame

My sweet little caretaker is especially excited now that the howdah’s made…
Yay!  We go flying now?
Egg: Yay! We go flying, now?
Creaturesmith: Yes baby. Don’t go too far and come back before dark. Okay?

Off to bed I go.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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